Quartz Crystals

Click on any thumbnail image to see a bigger photo and more details. Click here for quartz crystal pendants, and here for pendulums.

Crystal A
75x51x39 mm

Crystal C
86x35x28 mm

Crystal D
88x40x34 mm

Crystal E
145x54x26 mm

Crystal F
72x55x42 mm

Crystal I
46x19x15 mm

Crystal J
86x30x18 mm

Crystal K
78x32x20 mm

Crystal O
40x23x15 mm

Crystal Q
35x24x18 mm

Crystal R
27x21x16 mm

Crystal S
85x50x34 mm

Crystal T
70x48x40 mm

Crystal U
74x41x27 mm

Crystal V
90x52x38 mm

Crystal W
77x45x31 mm

Crystal X
90x38x30 mm

Quartz Crystal Pendant


Chunky and bright, this big natural quartz point is simultaneously grounding and uplifting. If you're not used to working with minerals, quartz is always a good start - and makes a great gift for anyone! No two alike, approximately 40x13 mm on average.


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