Here you'll find the oddballs, the orphans, the one-offs, appearing faces that disappear at dawn. When Nature offers a special gift or Science uncovers something particularly striking, it is the province of Art to remind us never to take the beauty that surrounds us for granted.


Tectonic plates of lava rock, connected with individually linked glass beads. For someone who's unpredictable but enduring, like the Earth herself. Adjustable 17-20 inches.


Amber Scorpion Pendant

This scorpion appears to be bent in half, its claws at a 180 degree angle from where they should be. Maybe it tried to flip itself out of the resin, or maybe the continued flow of the sap broke it. Let it be a lesson to you - stay away from oozing conifers if you weigh less than an ounce.

Amber drop with scorpion, 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches (65 by 33 mm), on an 18-inch strand of amber and sterling beads.


Rusty Washer Pendant

Labor and Frivolity. Gigantic (2"/5 cm) rusty washer, with a red crystal accent. (It's what all the gigantic rusty washers are wearing this season!) 18" cotton cord.


Juno necklace

Generous, genteel, and suitable for a genius! Brilliant 16mm quartz crystal and copper. 18 inches.


Diana Necklace and Earrings

Clear green vesuvianite and fiery copper, in honor of the Queen of Queens.
Click here for a close-up.


Epona necklace

Connemara marble, amber, and sterling, in a pattern steady as hoofbeats.
Click here for a close-up.


Harmony mermaid necklace

Natural blue coral, indigo peacock pearls, and Czech crystal twine in a haunting oceanic trio. 20 inches.


Sterling Secret Skull

A skull of solid sterling silver? With a nose? Skulls don't have noses! There's some skullduggery going on here... Push the nose and you'll see that this really is a very open-minded skull, as the cranium pops open to reveal whatever you choose to hide inside. This skull is a reproduction of a Victorian piece, and weighs in at 64.5 grams.


Unquiet coffin necklace

An unmistakable russet stain billows through the clear quartz. This one does not rest easy, and may not rest at all.

Accented with black Czech crystal, quartz crystal, and red jasper. 18 inches long. Click here for a close-up.


Child's Sterling Angel Christening Bracelet

A tiny angel to watch over a tiny person - inside diameter 2" wide x 1.25" high.


The Death of Rats

SQUEEK! While this charming little creature has technically gone to the Great Cheese in the Sky, his skull makes a delightful tribute to the fate of all flesh. Dainty beaded worms and a shiny glass eye add a touch of whimsy to what, in the end, awaits us all. Skull double-dipped in polyurethane to keep the inevitability of decay metaphorical! On an adjustable heavy cotton cord.


The ancient Greeks considered the fly a "psychopomp," one who conducts the souls of the dead to their next existence. Little did they know that the fly would become a brilliant postmodern fashion statement! Reinforced with polyurethane and mounted on sterling posts, these are still genuine Beelzebugs, and should be treated gently.



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