Because a working girl needs a best friend too...

Ice Dragon Rhinestone Mask

The Ice Dragon is dangerous, but so beautiful that you can't look away. Curved to fit an adult face, with adjustable satin ribbon.

Ice Dragon Rhinestone Mask

Noctyssa Necklace Noctyssa Necklace

Somberly scintillating, the Noctyssa is equally striking in the chapel and in the nightclub. Adjustable from 17 to 20 inches.

Noctyssa Earrings

Nicole Rhinestone Waterfall Necklace

At once opulent and artsy, the Nicole accents a plunge neckline and its contents admirably.

Nicole Rhinestone Waterfall Necklace

Bella Donna Rhinestone Choker Bella Donna Rhinestone Choker

A real eye-opener at a crystalline altitude of three inches! Narrowing to a simple double row of crystals for its adjustable (12 - 14 1/2 inches) circumference, the Bella Donna is also surprisingly comfortable.

Eliza Victorian Rhinestone Choker

We all know somebody who's just a little too perfect. Businesspeople have a gut feeling that she's trustworthy, professors just know she's a genius, and to lovers she's the sun, moon, and stars. Glamour. She can live up to it and have it for life, or abuse it and crash and burn spectacularly, but she's always the center of attention. This one's for her.

Eliza Rhinestone Choker

Fortuna Rhinestone Necklace
Fate, the unquestioned Queen of human life, invites you to adorn yourself in her honor...

Fortune Rhinestone Earrings

Take a chance... take a chance...

Fortune Rhinestone Earrings

Lisette Stretch Rhinestone Choker

A saucy adjustable stretch choker to help you express your... felines!

Iamara Moon and Star Bracelet

Delicate, bright, and playful, the Iamara is open, to fit a wide range of wrists.

Contessa Rhinestone Bracelet

To the B, to the L, to the I-N-G, you can talk like that if you're talking about me! This bracelet is generously sized, and looks great over a glove.

Dancing Skeleton Rhinestone Brooch

A full 3 inches tall, the gleefully macabre Mr. Bones (Ms. Bones?) is a show-stopper, arms and legs dangling and swinging. Dead Can Dance? You bet!

Rest In Peace Rhinestone Pin


Is your wardrobe gravely in need of accessorization? Consider this deadly delightful little tombstone of Austrian crystal. One inch high and all sparkle!

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