Sterling Baphomet Amulet with God Names

You don't need to be a Freemason to understand that it's the dynamism of complementary energies that makes the world go around! The Hermetic Baphomet, depicted as the instinctual, id-driven goat superimposed upon the most perfect of geometric figures, reminds us that matched forces challenge each other to keep the Universe vital - science and faith, severity and mercy, courage and prudence. Based on the famous woodcut by Eliphas Levi, this Sunspot Designs exclusive depiction of Baphomet is bounded by the names of five well-known hermaphroditic expressions of the Divine: Elohim, Hermes, Loki, Leviathan, and Shiva. Vive la difference - and partake of the best of both worlds! Amulet 2 inches tall including bail.


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